Times of Israel Journalist Jessica Steinberg Addresses Perelman Students 

This week, students in 4th and 5th grade at Perelman Jewish Day School had the opportunity to speak with Times of Israel journalist, Jessica Steinberg. During this unique discussion, students asked Steinberg questions regarding journalism, Israel, and her work amidst the ongoing war. 

Steinberg taught students about what it means to be a journalist and a reporter, how to ask questions, and the 5 Ws when doing research and asking interview questions. She also discussed her background including making Aliyah and her connection to the Philadelphia Jewish community. 

Our students asked inquisitive and thought provoking questions, delving into their prior knowledge, which resulted in an impactful and educational conversation. 

Among the questions, one student asked: “What inspired you to become a reporter?”

Steinberg addressed this question by explaining her love for writing, reading, and interviewing others. “Humans are fascinating,” she said “and each one has something different to say.”

Of great interest to students was Steinberg’s explanation of her journalistic duties as a writer for the Arts & Culture section for the Times of Israel. Students were intrigued by interviews she has conducted with a variety of artists, musicians, and authors. 

Steinberg also explained that amidst the ongoing war, the stories she has been covering have shifted because as a reporter, her role is to report on what is currently going on. She talked about conducting interviews with hostage families and how she focuses those interviews around their loved one and who that person is. 

Our students listened thoughtfully to Steinberg and asked a variety of mindful questions throughout.  

She left students with this important message: “Be curious! Everyone is a story, and everyone has a story to tell.” 

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