Growing Up Perelman

Children experience an explosion of developmental growth from ages 4 to 11 as they start to read, write, reason and understand. They form their own ideas, make choices and build connections. This critical period shapes how students see middle school, college and the world.

Perelman’s progressive education is grounded in teaching across multiple subjects. Our teachers guide their students in discovery rather than simply providing answers. Their curiosity extends from social studies to science to art, fostering a sharp, creative mind and a strong sense of confidence. They problem-solve, develop abstract thinking skills, study scientific processes and follow current events. They gain the skills to communicate, collaborate and succeed in a global society. Simultaneously, children learn to appreciate their heritage and identity, while growing into accepting, responsible and ethical young adults.
Take a look at our unique approach to education, where academics meet heritage.

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  • Literacy

    Our literacy curriculum is based on the highly acclaimed Writer’s Workshop – an approach developed by Lucy Calkins at Teachers College of Columbia University. Students become expert writers through opportunities to author and publish their own genres, peer editing, and developing their writer’s voice. While immersed in reading fiction and nonfiction texts, cultivating a lifelong love of reading, students learn to assimilate information from texts and online resources. Throughout this process, students acquire strategies and confidence in oral and written communication.
  • Mathematics

    The school’s mathematics curriculum connects learning to real world application, enabling proficiency in applying mathematics to everyday situations. The program emphasizes an in-depth understanding of concepts rather than memorization, as students move from basic skills to those more complex. The program integrates math concepts with other disciplines, including science, literacy, and the arts. Every student learns to reason, solve problems, and communicate in numbers.
  • Science

    At Perelman, we foster natural curiosity through inquiry-based experiential learning. Our program encourages students to investigate, observe, classify, predict, infer and interpret data. Science specialists teach students to ask questions and provide them with the knowledge and tools to seek solutions.
  • Social Studies

    Our curriculum is designed to enable students to uncover what it means to be active citizens by exploring their place in the community, the nation, and the world. They learn to understand and contextualize the difference between cultures and the similarities that tie all people together. Through group projects that promote collaboration and creativity while reinforcing note taking, research and study skills, students have the opportunity to take on the roles of researcher, investigator, economist, businessperson, and historian.
  • Jewish Studies

    Perelman’s Jewish Studies curriculum emphasizes the development of students’ understanding of ethics, morals and values through exposure to classical Jewish texts. Students connect to these texts as the foundational source of our history, peoplehood, practices, and beliefs. As a school, we are committed to prayer and the observance of mitzvot as the foundation of the Jewish experience, integrating fundamental aspects of Jewish life into our children’s daily routine. Learning through inquiry and both independent and cooperative experiences, our students engage in self-discovery through the core values of Jewish tradition. Perelman families take pride as students find meaning and joyfully demonstrate mastery of their new knowledge and skills.
  • Hebrew Language

    The acquisition of Hebrew language is essential to the Jewish Studies program. Hebrew is taught both as a living language and as the historic language of prayer, Torah, rabbinic text and commentaries. The creation of the State of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing its significance and the importance of its national institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to Israel and its people as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare.
  • Israel Education

    Perelman Jewish Day School’s Israel curriculum ignites a lifelong passion for the State of Israel. Facility with Hebrew language, knowledge of our history and appreciation for Israel’s diverse cultures shape our approach. We help each child develop his/her own unique relationship as we provide the tools to wrestle with more multi-faceted issues as students mature.

    At Perelman, learning about Israel opens students’ minds by placing the Jewish experience in a wider context. Israel education is integrated across all areas of the curriculum; from science to art, history, Torah and civics. Our students learn that Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is an ingathering of Jews. We champion Israel’s religious, socioeconomic and cultural diversity. We discuss the complexities of living together with Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bedouin and with each other in a vibrant tapestry at the intersection of three major world religions.
    We believe that:
    • How we teach Israel is as important as what we teach.
    • Israel is a place of Jewish ingathering in all of its diversity.
    • Israel education must be integrated across all areas of the curriculum.
    • Our intensive Hebrew language program allows children to fully immerse themselves in language acquisition while experiencing Israeli culture through authentic conversations.
    The creation of the State of Israel is a seminal event in the history of our people. We take pride in Israel’s strengths and contributions to the world. We instill in students a sense of responsibility to the State of Israel, grounded in broad-based knowledge and fueled by a deep and authentic emotional connection. Our goal is to provide the foundation for an enduring love for Israel and Am Yisrael.
  • Physical Education

    Perelman’s Physical Education program supports an active, healthy lifestyle for young learners. It builds the foundation for life-long sports appreciation and supports the motor development and physical stamina of children. Students participate in physical education classes twice weekly in a fun and safe environment and develop an enjoyment of physical activity, movement exploration, and cooperative play. Afterschool sports programs are available at both centers.
  • Art

    Our specialist provides opportunities to explore various media and techniques, enabling students to thrive in a world saturated with images. Math, science, language arts, and Jewish Studies topics are seamlessly integrated with elements of design and visual language, giving students the opportunity to extend creativity into all subject areas.
  • Music

    Our music philosophy involves teaching students to be critical listeners of all styles and genres as well as identifying composers and instrumentation. The program includes weekly classes, special performances and a children’s choir. Opportunities to learn Jewish songs and Israeli dances connect students to their heritage. In addition, drama productions and an extracurricular instrumental program expose students to musical arts.
  • Darchei Noam

    Darchei Noam is Perelman’s unique program geared toward students’ social and emotional welfare.  Themes are based on values that create and nurture the individual, the group and the community. Classroom lessons take place weekly during which themes are addressed through an examination of developmentally appropriate questions for each grade.

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