We’ve always encouraged our students to think differently. To leverage their study of Torah and Talmud to analyze every subject more deeply, from art and engineering to anthropology and financial literacy. To use their mastery of two languages to write code, unlock the meaning of poetry or decipher a work problem in math. To be inquisitive, empathetic, tenacious.

Boldly Beyond Academics
Fueled by the education that only Perelman offers, our students are compassionate, open minded, and collaborative. So whatever they become someday and wherever their journey leads, they are proud change agents, uniquely prepared to find their own place in history. And determined to make the world the very best it can be.

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We’re prepared for the future. And so are our kids. Informed by the collective wisdom and resilience from our past, they’re flexible and fearless, bold and ethical. They use their voices to speak out, challenge the status quo, and take on the unknown. All in two languages.

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Forman Center

Kindergarten - Grade 5  •  7601 Old York Road, Melrose Park, PA 19027  •  215-635-3130

Stern Center

PreK - Grade 5 and Administrative Offices  •  49 Haverford Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096  •  610-658-2518