In a word, yes. A Jewish day school education takes what’s best about an independent school – smaller classes, attentive teachers, a broader curriculum – and amplifies the experience with rich cultural history, dual-language acumen and religious identification that deepen understanding and aptitude. 
Students learn in a nurturing environment that fosters the confidence to speak up, take risks and be themselves. Here’s what you need to know.
A Jewish day school curriculum ensures that your child learns to speak, read, write and reason in two languages – English and Hebrew – from the first day of school. This dual-language approach stimulates brain development in ways a traditional education doesn’t. Studies show that being bilingual improves attention span and focus, allowing for better executive functioning. Research conducted by neuroscientist Ellen Bialystok found that bilingual preschoolers use greater cognitive flexibility to process visual and verbal information. 

In fact, thinking in two languages becomes so normalized after a while that children begin to “code-switch,” alternating between both languages in conversation. This sophisticated ability to sort through different letters and words with similar meanings and use them in communication heightens a child’s mental dexterity to learn math, take on digital coding and see beneath the surface of literature and art.
In a global economy that values multilingualism, speaking two languages makes learning a third language even easier. And because bilingualism helps children look at the world differently, these students are more open minded. University of Edinburgh Linguistics Professor Antonella Sorace advised companies to value this competence in the Financial Times: “Hire more multilingual employees,” she urged, “because these employees can communicate better, have better intercultural sensitivity, are better at cooperating, negotiating, compromising. But they can also think more efficiently.”

Day school students also learn a lifelong passion for Israel. In Start-up Nation, political advisor Dan Senor’s breakthrough book about Israel’s remarkable economy, the author outlines traits shared by leading Israeli innovators, including empathy, teamwork, persevering past failure and questioning authority – qualities that are similarly interwoven throughout the Jewish day school environment.
A typical Jewish day school schedule includes Hebrew and Jewish studies classes in addition to secular courses. So you may wonder how kids find time to do it all. Students are actually more productive and more accustomed to rigorous learning. Teachers carefully individualize methods for each student and maximize learning time. 

And there’s an added plus. Studying Talmud and Torah helps students think more analytically. They ask important questions about how history relates to today, how Hebrew connects to math and music, how biblical studies influence their interpretations of literature, law and entrepreneurship.
Day school grads take their abilities with them as they advance their education. They are better test-takers and are more self-assured in interviews, making them superior college and job applicants. They also have a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to draw upon when they write, think, interpret and look at the world.

Jewish day school helps children develop an unmatched knowledge, insatiable curiosity, collaborative spirit and enhanced empathy for others. Well beyond schooling, these characteristics lead to a richer perspective on society. This time-tested, yet progressive, approach teaches children to see their surroundings differently and has a profoundly positive affect on their ability to learn and their future success.

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