Innovation at Perelman

The world runs on innovation. And at Perelman, we fuel that boundless potential through stellar academics, global understanding, social responsibility, and a strong Jewish identity. We teach an authentic Jewish legacy while preparing students to compete in the digital age.

Our innovative educational approach connects individual disciplines as access points to guide students in taking thoughtful risks and engaging in experiential learning.
This model represents intentional curricular collaboration through which we continue to nurture all of the individual parts while maintaining the highest academic standards, leading to greater learning and enabling students to find problems, not just solve them. It is uniquely successful at Perelman because our students already have a tradition of inquiry and challenging truths, as they integrate Jewish studies, general studies and the arts. And our approach fuels creativity, with students getting out of their chairs, mapping projects on white-board walls, and building. They are active learners and designers – and they have fun doing it.

In addition to the classroom, this creativity and imagining takes place in our Landau Family Makerspaces, where diversity and cross-pollination of activities are critical to the design. These innovation labs accommodate a wide range of activities, tools and materials, and provide hands-on experiences for students as they design, experiment, tinker and invent.

Innovation in Action

    • Perelman Planetarium

    • Robotics Challenge

    • Water Initiative

    • Creating Entrepreneurs

Forman Center

Kindergarten - Grade 5  •  7601 Old York Road, Melrose Park, PA 19027  •  215-635-3130

Stern Center

PreK - Grade 5 and Administrative Offices  •  49 Haverford Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096  •  610-658-2518