Shanah Tovah!

Shanah Tovah!

From decorating apple pictures in Ganon, to first graders creating Shanah Tova cards for family and friends, to making shofarot in fourth grade, to apples and honey tasting and so much more, students were busy celebrating and learning about Rosh Hashanah

Each morning leading up to Rosh Hashanah, students blasted the shofar and were led by fellow classmates who shouted out each call. This morning tradition brought the entire community together to welcome the Jewish New Year!

As Yom Kippur approached, students learned about apologizing and forgiveness. Students in Gan completed activities such as sorting actions into the categories of tov (good) or lo tov (not good) to learn about being kind human beings and developing positive morals. First graders created stories of when they behaved in a manner that was lo tov, how they said slicha (sorry), and what they did to make the situation “tov.” 

Students also participated in the tradition of Tashlich (the symbolic casting of sins in water). Every grade had the opportunity to go down to the nearby river to symbolically throw away their sins. 

Students have shown that they are ready for a great new year!

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