A Little Bit of Light Dispels A Lot of Darkness

Perelman Jewish Day School
Rachel Frankford’s 4th grade class starts each day with Boker Tov (morning meeting), but since it’s Spring 2020, it takes place online in a Zoom classroom. As students, teachers and parents, we are all grappling with this “new reality” created by COVID-19. Each day we are confronted by limitations, stressors, and uncertainties that even a few months ago would have been beyond our imagination. But what if we stop to consider the opportunities the situation presents, rather than the challenges?
Well, that’s exactly what Ms. Frankford’s students did! During Boker Tov last week, the students were discussing Yom Ha’Atzmaut and reflecting on Israel's independence. Then they had an idea -- what if they made a list of the ways they have become more independent during the shutdown? Following their lead, Ms. Frankford encouraged her students to embrace the positive and recorded their thoughts. The result (below) is a reminder to us all that “A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness.”
Ms. Frankford:I learned to bake challah. Several of my neighbors helped me. I learned to really value being able to see my family members and connect with other people in person.
IM: I have learned to be flexible and use what I have in my house.
AK: My siblings and I learned to be more independent using devices and our parents trust us more.
AH: In school, I learned about geometry. Outside of school, I’ve learned to be more flexible. My parents are giving us more things to do and also trusting us more and giving us more freedom.
BS: I learned that it is important to be as social with friends as best as you can. I value that more.
SG: I learned how to make cake pops.
NK: I’ve become more independent. I’ve been getting onto all my classes by myself. At home I’m helping my mom a lot with projects.
LA: I learned how to clean my room.
MA: I learned how to spend my money responsibly.
ET: I’ve learned how to accept not being able to socialize. I’ve gotten really responsible with all my work and going to my classes. It’s hard but I’ve learned how to go along with it.
IA: I learned how to ride with no hands on my bicycle.
LN: I’ve gotten more independent and earned my parents’ and siblings’ trust.
AH: I’ve been reading a lot more and spending less time on the computer.
LU: I’m much more able to do things on my own and be more independent. I’ve been able to read more.
MK: I’ve gotten a lot more independent with my schoolwork since my dad and brothers are busy.
AR: I have been taking breaks and helping my mom. Today I’m going to help her make cupcakes.
BS: I’ve been reading more.
SD: My parents have more trust in me to let me ride my bike around town.
SK:I’ve become a lot more independent without needing a lot of help from my parents.
MH: I have become more truthful.

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