Character Day 2019: Super-Powered Education

Perelman Jewish Day School
In honor of Character Day 2019, Perelman students celebrated their character strengths by becoming superheroes! Teachers guided students to identify their individual strengths and the children created superhero costumes reflecting those super powers in our Landau Family Makerspaces. The results were amazing as students created superheroes such as “Calm Girl,” “Super Problem-Solver,” and “Friend-Maker.” As the highlight of our Character Day celebrations, the students marched in a Superhero Parade celebrating their strengths and differences!

The study of these strengths is rooted in the scientifically-based recognition that we all have 24 essential character strengths, and that these strengths manifest themselves differently in each of us. Research shows that people who know and use their strengths are 18x more likely to flourish in everyday life than those who do not utilize their strengths effectively. To learn more, visit the VIA Institute on Character.

Our students will continue their focus on character strengths during Darchei No’ahm throughout the year. Third graders have begun creating human sculptures out of cardboard in the Makerspaces and each grade/class will contribute character strengths to the human sculptures. We look forward to watching these sculptures evolve!
By exposing our students to this nuanced understanding of character strengths, we empower them to apply their skills and collaborate with others who have different strengths to share. This innovative approach is the power of a Perelman education!

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