Perelman Celebrates Purim

Perelman Jewish Day School
On Thursday, March, 21, 2019, the students and faculty of Perelman Jewish Day School gathered for their annual Purim celebration! Costumed and eager, everyone looked on as the fifth Graders assumed the mantle of leadership and read from Megillat (the Scroll of) Esther. The children embellished their excellent readings with Purim shpiels (funny skits) and lots of fun Purim songs.
At the Forman Center, games, crafts, hamantaschen making, face painting, and lots of singing added to the excitement of the day! And at the Stern Center, 3rd graders invited their fellow students to join in the fun at their handcrafted arcade. This special arcade was inspired by the story of Caine, a 9-year old boy, who built his own arcade out of materials from his dad’s auto parts store. A short film about the arcade went viral, sparking tremendous creativity in cardboard creations among kids everywhere, including our own 3rd graders! If part of the Purim story is Esther's declaring her Jewish identity, our students’ Purim revelry affirmed their own Jewish identity loudly and clearly!

Click here to see more photos from the Forman Center Purim celebration.
Click here to see more photos from the Forman Center Purim celebration.

Forman Center

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