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We Finally Reached 100!

We finally reached the 100th day of school! Students at both branches enthusiastically participated in a variety of activities across the curriculum, challenging themselves in math, language arts, STEAM, Hebrew and Jewish Studies…all adding up to 100! Activities included an interview of 100 year-old Sarah, a grandmother AND great-grandmother of Perelman graduates, the creation of a timeline detailing 100 years of Israel's history, and constructing a city made from 100 sugar cubes, calculating the volume of the buildings and surface area. Older students were challenged to solve math problems every 100 minutes and younger students decorated t-shirts with 100 items to help them visualize 100! All students participated in a school-wide mitzvah project, packing 100 bags for the homeless. Each grade was responsible for collecting 100 of a particular item to donate, including water bottles, Band-Aids, snacks, toothbrushes and paste, hats, and gloves. Our children were very proud to be able to help those in need in our community. Way to go Perelman!