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An unmatched learning environment
What is the Perelman difference? It starts with a rigorous academic program blended with a fascinating values-based Jewish education – all in two languages. This approach invites students in grades K-5 to excel at their own pace in a variety of innovative ways…and it enables our exceptional teachers to encourage discovery using multiple modalities of learning. Maximizing small group instruction and our dual-language curriculum, our remarkable scholars achieve higher academic goals…and success in the real world.
Here is an overview of our innovative academic philosophy. For more information, please contact our Associate Directors of Admission, Mindy Andelman at 610-658-2518 x207 or Amy Warmflash at 215-635-3130 x210.
General Studies
Language Arts –
  • Focuses on communication (listening and speaking), reading (fiction and nonfiction), writing (all genres), word study (spelling, vocabulary, grammar), and information literacy (research).
Mathematics –
  • Uses math as an integral part of every day life experiences, emphasizing problem solving, abstract thinking and analyzing math strategies.
  • Integrates math into thematic units using literature, science, social studies, music, art and Jewish studies.
Science –
  • Provides all students with stimulating experiences in the life, earth, environmental and physical sciences while simultaneously developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Nurtures each student’s own sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world.
Social Studies –
  • Connects children to their past, present and future and helps them appreciate how ideas, events and individuals produce change.
  • Teaches a profound sense of concern and respect for the world in which they live.
Jewish Studies
Hebrew language/literature –
  • Immerses students in Hebrew, beginning in kindergarten, increasing competencies in communication skills, reading comprehension and written expression.
  • Facilitates access to traditional Jewish texts while connecting students to the modern State of Israel.
  • Encourages an active vocabulary and develops a love and appreciation for the language.
Jewish life and observances –
  • Offers students the opportunity to practice mitzvot through Torah (study), avodah (prayer and ritual), and g'milut hasadim (acts of loving kindness).
  • Uses text study, celebrations and school-wide programming to help students appreciate Shabbat and Jewish holidays.
Jewish history/Israel –
  • Creates an emotional bond with the land and people of Israel and reinforces this connection in each academic discipline.
 Sacred texts –
  • Advances understanding of ethical and moral values on a personal basis, reflecting the critical and individualized thinking process central to Conservative Jewish beliefs.
  • Illustrates Judaism as an evolving process, not locked into a particular era or understanding of text.
  • Challenges students to grapple with text and become part of the tradition of inquiry and interpretation.
 Synagogue skills/prayer –
  • Teaches and engages students in the weekday morning and afternoon prayers, Shabbat evening prayers and holiday melodies.
  • Helps develop skills and attitudes that lead to a sophisticated spiritual life, in which students lead services and foster a love for prayer and Jewish tradition.