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"New Meets Old" ~ 4th Graders Celebrate Kabbalat Tikkunim

To the delight of their families and their teachers, our 4th graders recently took their place in a time-honored tradition, as they read from the Torah for the first time. Ezra the Scribe introduced this ritual practice, central to the Jewish people, in Jerusalem 2500 years ago. The basic pattern of Torah reading has remained essentially the same since then. 
Having learned the system of cantillation, the students expertly read from the Torah at our morning tefila (prayer service). As a gift from the Kriger Book Fund, each child received a Tikkun - a book used to prepare for chanting Torah. This wonderful book will be put to immediate use as the 4th graders assume the responsibility from our 5th graders, and continue on as our Torah readers for the balance of the school year.  It is both the passing of a baton and the planting of a seed that we will continue to nurture!