Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Dear Perelman Parents, 
Tonight the Board of Directors of Perelman Jewish Day School voted to transition the management of our faculty from a union model governed by a collective bargaining agreement to an independent model guided by our school administrators under a new Faculty Handbook. This model, which will take effect beginning in September, is used in all other accredited, independent elementary schools in Pennsylvania. The Board’s decision was based in large part on the determination that the new model would promote and sustain a stronger, closer relationship between administrators and faculty.
The Board carefully evaluated this decision, consulting with several other Jewish Day Schools that have followed a similar path with positive results. As stewards of an accredited, forward-thinking Jewish Day School, we believe that this transition is vital to our community in the near and longer term. We believe that administrators at non-union independent schools are better able to directly and sensitively manage their faculty. They also have greater flexibility in recognizing teacher excellence, assigning teachers to the most appropriate classrooms and recruiting talented new teachers. This same degree of flexibility at Perelman will ensure that we continue to provide the finest education to our children.
In addition to informing our teachers about the decision, your Board has directed our Administration to immediately take the following actions:
1.     Offer all teachers currently employed by the Perelman Jewish Day School a contract for the 2014-2015 school year (contingent, as always, upon enrollment) that includes an enhanced salary and benefits package.
2.     Incorporate the fundamental salary structure, benefits, and pension plans set forth in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement into the new Faculty Handbook.
The Board greatly respects and cares deeply about our faculty.  We are committed to accomplishing this transition with derekh eretz (respect and decency), and to providing a productive and positive work environment for our educators, ensuring that Perelman is a great place to work and grow professionally. Our faculty has been invited to a series of informational meetings to learn more about this new structure.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions has been posted on our website to provide you with additional information. Please use your password to log in. As your Board President, I plan to keep you informed over the coming months, and welcome your questions and comments.  Please feel free to email me at
Tracey Specter
PJDS Board President