Perelman Celebrates Passover

Perelman Jewish Day School
What stand out most to observers of a Perelman model seder is the leadership of our 5th graders, the satisfying continuity of tradition, and the tremendous sense of community. Knowledge is forged within that community as each grade returns year after year, learning new parts and singing melodies common to all.  What begins as study within the classrooms ultimately spills over into the realm of doing.
On its most basic level, the seder is a mix of Hebrew blessings, passages, and songs.  From the Gan (kindergarten) onward, students work toward a mastery of Hebrew language that will give them the facility to participate and eventually lead the seder.  The teachers are at the forefront of this endeavor, cultivating both a love of the language and an understanding of it.
The Perelman model seder is a milestone in our school year. The auditorium in which it is held is transformed by the artistic student work gracing the tables and through the powerful combination of Jewish words, thoughts, and music. From the Gan child to the 5th grade seder leaders to the proud family member, the model seder is a true reflection of the beauty of a Perelman education.

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