Middot u’Mitzvot

Perelman Jewish Day School
With school closed for the foreseeable future, Stern Center science teacher Jamie Moskowitz realized students would not be using many of the supplies in her classroom that had been purchased for the dissection labs scheduled next week. Given the shortages of medical supplies at local hospitals, Jamie had an idea. With permission, she entered the school building and gathered supplies in her classroom including chemistry goggles and gloves. Other school personnel volunteered items in their classrooms and the cafeteria staff made their resources available as well. As a result, Perelman donated 7,280 rubber gloves, 60 bottles of sanitizer, 52 pairs of goggles and 310 masks to the Jefferson and University of Pennsylvania hospitals.
Additionally, some of our teachers including Makerspace specialist, Amanda Gurgul are sewing masks from home to be donated to hospital staff. To enable others to participate in this effort, sewing machines have been removed from the school and administrators are looking into how our 3D printer may be used for the same cause.  
In these uncertain times, one thing remains sure – our devotion to Jewish values (middot u’mitzvot) connecting us as a community rooted in kindness and compassion.
Deeds of kindness weigh as much as all the commandments.” – Talmud Yerushalmi, Peah 1:1

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