Students Participate in Literacy-Based Mock Trials

Perelman Jewish Day School
All rise. The court is now in session! Perelman Jewish Day School second and fourth graders worked with Rendell Center lawyers to bring Goldilocks and Fantastic Mr. Fox to trial.  After a thorough introduction to the Constitution and trial personnel, each student took on a role as they put the characters on trial. Lawyers assisted students in preparing for trial, during which the students assumed the roles of lawyers, plaintiffs, witnesses and jurors. 
The study of civics is a critical part of Perelman’s elementary educational experience as it teaches our students about our judicial system, helping them develop higher level thinking skills.
Perelman students are uniquely prepared for these units, as their early exposure to the Jewish legal system amplifies their understanding of American law. Studying Jewish text facilitates our students’ abilities to question sophisticated concepts while also interpreting details and formulating arguments.

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